Living in a city can turn you into the local undercover agent of that area. Not only do you know all the hidden gems within a city that can entertain your family and friends, but you can keep out of the line of tourists that want to visit the most common spots. Experience the originality that London has to offer instead of going down the usual footprints of the capital’s explorers. This list will give you four tips on how to get started.

  1. Water is the best route forward

Is the congestion of London getting you down? Take a hidden route around London via the barges on Regent’s Canal and get off at any place around London that you want. With renting companies like Drifters and Camden Canals, you and a group of friends could make your trip into a party and explore the waters around the city. If not that, then you could even keep up the water theme within your trip by jumping into a pond in Hampstead Heath with your best buddies.

  1. Exploring the Macabre

London has certainly its fair share of wicked tales hidden within its streets. However, instead of going to the dominated tourist locations, like the Tower of London, why not go to somewhere a little more hidden, but grizzlier in its history. Once you have left the safe confines of your hotel in Shepherds Bush make your way to St. Thomas Street, there you will find the Old Operating Theatre. Predating the age of anaesthesia, the theatre is the oldest surviving building of its kind. With a dark history, the theatre has a number of special exhibitions to demonstrate its past, including a special demonstration of Victorian surgery. It is surely a trip to remember, but be sure not to leave without all your limbs!

  1. Hidden Histories

When London is mentioned you may think of the Victorians or Edwardians, however there is certainly more than that to be explored. There are still traces of Roman-era Londinium in the cities that can be visited for free. London’s Roman Amphitheatre offers a chance to see the remains of a blood-soaked sport. You can even have the chance to handle some of the ancient objects found within the building.

  1. Sweet Treats for all

It is always good to end a holiday on a sugar high. However, instead of going for the common ice cream cone out from an ice cream truck, why not indulge in a little scientific magic by going to Chin Chin’s Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream. From party cakes to whacky flavoured ice cream, such as Christmas Tree and Warner Bros flavour, settle down in the restaurant or go to the counter to watch your ice cream being made from the vat of Nitrogen. It is fun to watch and ends in tasty results. You can even order your treats ahead of time and suggest a brand-new flavour for the company to make. What could be better?