When it comes to business, it is not enough that you have a good product and/or service to sell. For your business to be valuable, you must market/advertise the product or service to the audience. Nowadays, there are several ways of advertising your business, especially in the current tech-centric and high-paced business world. Popular advertising techniques include mobile marketing and online marketing. However, old-fashioned advertising techniques are still very effective, and one of these techniques that is guaranteed to garner a great audience is the use of signage and graphics, as mastered by companies such as SAS Graphics.

What Makes a Good Business Sign?

Several businesses today still use signage to attract the attention of potential customers, and with great results. However, for the technique to be effective, you can’t just use any sign; it must be a good one. So, what makes a good business sign? As a graphics designer, I advise my clients to be very careful when choosing the design of their business signs. Some of the things I recommend when coming up with a signage design include:

  1. Choosing compelling colors that will grab the attention of the audience and help them easily recognize the brand
  2. Choosing a large size design to ensure that it is conspicuous
  3. Choosing contrasting graphics and colors for easy readability
  4. Keeping the design simple – you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of the audience hence no complex design with too much graphics, colors, text information
  5. Considering the environment of the sign location and using it to your advantage to make it more conspicuous

In addition to these considerations, you need to have a good graphics sign company who will help you to design the best sign for your business/office.

London Businesses with Great Signs

As a graphic designer, I like checking out business signs and seeing which businesses have nailed the art of graphic signage and which ones have not. While cruising the streets of London, I have spotted several good signs that are quite effective in capturing the attention of people passing by. However, there are a number of business signs that stand out. Below is a list of the top 5 outstanding signs.


Alquimia is a restaurant that markets itself as a “Spanish restaurant and tapa bar”, and is located at 30 Brewhouse Lane, London. The restaurant has one of the most attention-grabbing signs I have come across, and one of the things I find interesting about it is that the design is quite simple. The signage is comprised of the restaurant’s name in caps and in white color, with smaller-font text in red color. The name and the text color contrasts perfectly with the black background of the signage, which ensures that the sign is very conspicuous – both day and night. However, for night time, the signage comes with additional illumination, which serves to make the sign even more conspicuous.


Beauty Box is a nail and waxing salon located on 47 Brewer Street, London. The salon’s business sign is yet another example of how you can use a simple design to stand out and capture the attention of the audience. The signage features the store’s name in black-colored capital letters. The sign contrasts perfectly with the storefront, which is painted white, thus making the sign very conspicuous. The white background also helps the storefront to stand out from other nearby stores, which use darker storefront colors. Another amazing feature of the salon’s signage is a glass printing sign, which is done in a trendy, bright purple color. The sign is also accompanied by a bright purple illuminated box, which adds to the aesthetic appeal of the storefront, while also increasing the visibility of the sign.

  1. Total Offices, North London

Total is one of the leading oil companies in the world, and it boasts of having a well-recognized brand thanks to its unique red, blue, and yellow logo. The logo is featured greatly in the company’s business sign in North London, thus making it one of the best business signs in the city. Apart from the logo, the signage features the company’s name printed in bright-red colors. This, combined with the position of the business sign (on the front of the building and at an elevated height), helps to make sure that the sign is completely visible to anyone passing nearby.

  1. Sports Direct Store

Sportsdirect.com is a top UK retailer brand for sportswear and sporting equipment. The brand has several offices and stores in the UK, including a retail store at 150 Oxford Street, London. The store has one of the most attention-grabbing business signs I have come across in the city. The sign features the brand’s name (Sports Direct .Com) printed in large capital letters, and in the bright, easily-recognizable, red and blue colors. To ensure that the store is visible to everyone, there are two signs: One at the entrance of the store, which is easily visible by people walking on the sidewalk, and another an elevated height on the front of the building, which is easily visible by the people driving on the street. On top of that, both signs are illuminated, which makes them hard to miss at the night or in low-visibility conditions.

  1. Ruman Peri Peri

Ruman Peri Peri is one of the many fast food restaurants in London competing for a share of the market. However, it stands out among several other restaurants in its use of business signs to attract customers. Located at 66 Cleveland Way, Stepney, LONDON the restaurant’s storefront features two very impressive signs that make it hard for anyone to miss it. The main sign located at the entrance of the restaurant is comprised of a unique chicken logo of the brand, and the restaurant’s name printed in large pink and green colors. The colors contrast nicely with the white background, making them very conspicuous. A second sign protrudes from the building, thus capturing the attention of anyone driving on the streets. This sign is illuminated, which makes it very visible at night.


If you own a business or are considering starting one, signage should be one of the top things you should budget for. Business signs play a very important role in brand visibility, and they can prove to be a great investment if you manage to get the signs right. The above businesses are some of the top London businesses that are enjoying great brand visibility their great business signs.