Month: August 2017

Are Londoners saving for their retirement travel dreams?

Findings from an online investment company revealed that London was one of three UK regions with the largest proportion of people able to contribute over £5,000 to their private pension pots each month, in Q3 2016. See more interesting research from True Potential Investor, in the graphic below.

If you’re about to plan a trip for your retirement, after many years of working a 9-5 job, that can certainly help you look forward to the future with some much-needed excitement. Being a hub of art, culture, theatre, music and literature –  there’s plenty of reasons to add London to your list of retirement travel plans. Will it be on yours?

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4 Ways to Save On Travel

Going on a trip is something that usually costs more money than we would like.  It seems that between paying for your flights, drinks, going out to eat, and sightseeing, before you know it you’ve spent half of your year’s salary without the blink of an eye.   Continue reading