Month: November 2017

Where To Travel As a Veteran After Your Service Ends

Life is a little bit unusual for people who join the military. Where you live, how you live, and what your daily routine is like are all going to be different than what the civilian experiences. That said, once military service ends, one of the first things that a veteran thinks about is travel. Continue reading

Street food and casual dining: trends on the rise

How and where we eat has massively changed from even just a few decades ago. From switching dining tables for sofas and trays, to dining out instead of eating at home, food trends are evolving. Continue reading

Four Restaurants Meat Lovers Will Love in Kensington

Kensington is a fantastic part of London to eat out in, whether you live in the area or are visiting on a trip. While you can find just about every kind of cuisine imaginable at very high standards, if you’re someone who loves their meat, a great option can be to head to one of the fantastic grills or steakhouses that are available. Continue reading