Caravans are a great and fun investment, perfect for vacations with the entire family-or even a romantic getaway with your spouse!

“What Do I Want a Caravan For, Anyway?”

Not sure if buying a caravan is for you? Here are some of the top reasons why a caravan can be an extremely rewarding purchase:

  • Choices, choices, choices! Whether you’re looking for a conventional caravan for the family, a tiny teardrop trailer to tow your favorite toys, a small GRP caravan for weekends away, a sleek and stylish T@B caravan, or a luxurious American Airstream, there’s sure to be an option perfect for your personal needs and lifestyle.
  • See the country! Who doesn’t dream of travelling to far-off places and exploring foreign lands? A caravan makes that dream come true, and then some. Unlike airplanes and trains where the scenery passes by at the speed of light, caravans let you truly immerse yourself in your surroundings.
  • Bring your pets with you! Owning a caravan brings you the freedom to bring your pets with you on your travels! There’s no need to worry about keeping your dog in a kennel or finding a pet sitter to watch over them. Caravanning allows you to enjoy your adventures while keeping your pets close. To ensure their comfort during the journey, consider bringing along essential pet accessories like a cozy dog pet bed, or a cat house. This way, you can keep your furry friends happy, safe, and content as you explore new destinations together. So, consider bringing your four-legged (or eight- or zero-legged, for all you reptile lovers) friends onboard with you. After all, they deserve a vacation once in a while, too! However, if you want a little bit more choice for your pet-friendly vacation, you can check out alternative places for where to go for a dog friendly holiday so you are able to go somewhere new throughout the years.


  • Travel at your leisure! With a caravan, you don’t have to fuss over airplane, train, or bus schedules any longer. You have the freedom to cruise the country-or wherever you’re headed-at your own pace. Found a camping site you felt at home at? Go ahead and spend another day or two there! In a caravan, you’re in charge, which means you make the rules.
  • Forget about lost luggage! With so many passengers on a single plane, your luggage can easily end up lost-and lost luggage; in return, can easily ruin your entire vacation. In a caravan, you don’t need to stress because your luggage-be it one bag or four-is right there with you for the whole trip.
  • Sightseeing and adventures await! Let’s face it: staying in a hotel can get boring quickly. There’s only so many times you can swim laps in a tiny pool or venture out to the vending machines before you’re bored out of your mind. A caravan changes all this. You can easily take a quick detour (or two) from your campsite and explore anything and everything your surroundings have to offer.
  • Dare yourself to try something new! The only way to make lasting, worthwhile memories is to experience all life has to offer at least once. If you’ve never been camping in a caravan before, why not go now? The longer you wait, the more opportunities you’ll pass by.


Caravans Are Too Expensive!

Think you can’t afford a caravan of your own? Guess again! Caravans come in all shapes and sizes-and all sorts of price ranges, too. Guarantor loans like those offered from Suco are the easiest way to purchase your own caravan. All you need is a guarantor to cosign the credit agreement, just in case you default on your repayments. The process is fast, hassle-free, and there are no hidden fees!

You could also buy a second-hand caravan for a bargain and spend a bit of money doing it up good as new. It’ll cost much less than a caravan fresh off the shelf, and you can spread the cost of fixing it up over a period of a few months. This avenue also has the benefit of being able to personalise your caravan and make it truly yours, so if it needs new windows, you can Click Here to find examples of the perfect fit, or if it needs a new carpet or a new sink, you can choose those too! When this is going to be your home away from home for a weekend or more, it pays to personalise it to your heart’s content.