Month: May 2018

The Most Number of Travel Insurance Claims for Europeans

Data from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) tells us that over the past couple of years, more and more British nationals have travelled overseas, and the number keeps on growing each year. The FCO, which is in charge of protecting the welfare of British nationals abroad, further states that they have provided assistance to thousands of British nationals who are in need of emergency travel documents. The agency understands that no matter how well prepared people are, they may still find themselves in a difficult or distressing situation overseas. FCO keeps data on hospitalisations, lost and stolen passports and ETDs.   Continue reading

Show Your Appreciation By Giving An Unforgettable Experience

Let’s face it, we buy gifts for people as either a “thank you” or to show our love and affection, and while it is nice to receive a tangible gift, there are other ways of expressing your love and appreciation for a special person. The emergence of “experience” tour operators is a reflection of the demand for giving someone a rewarding experience, as a form of gift. Your best friend, for example, might have a deep seated desire to sit behind the wheel of a racing car and complete a few laps in a state of the art car, or perhaps you know that your mum would simply love the idea of a hot air balloon, and there are online experience tour operators, and they have an extensive menu of unique experiences, all designed to leave a lasting impression. Continue reading