London is one of the most dynamic and exciting cities in the world, and not just for humans! Taking your dog with you on a trip to the capital can be great fun, and though you’ll need to plan carefully to find places you can go together, that’s easier today than it has ever been.

Animal-friendly attractions

There are lots of great London attractions you can take you furry friend to, and not just the outdoor ones like Trafalgar Square or Tower Bridge. Well-behaved dogs are welcome in Westminster Abbey, which is a great cool spot to rest on a hot day as well as a showcase for some amazing architecture and a great place to learn about history. If your dog is okay with crowds, the Tower of London is another great historical attraction you can visit together. If you fancy a bit of shopping, Camden Market and Spitalfields both welcome dogs, as do a surprising number of upmarket boutiques like Liberty. Getting around is easy as your dog will be welcome on the Tube but bear in mind that it can be a bit much for some animals at busy times.

Parks to play in

The best place to go for a run with your dog in the heart of London is St James’ Park, a place once enjoyed by 101 Dalmatians. Take a towel in case your dog decides to jump in the lake and be ready to control it around the ducks and geese. Hyde Park is also a great choice with lots of activities for humans to enjoy, from skateboarding to boating, and with endless beds of exotic flowers creating fascinating new scents for your dog to enjoy. Just remember that, grand though they are, there are still pests in these parks, and be ready to clear fleas from your dog afterwards.

A pie, a pint and a pet

Taking the dog along for an evening in the pub is commonplace in traditional Cockney culture and your dog will be welcome in many of London’s best ale houses, from the Crown & Two Chairmen in Soho to the Junction Tavern in Kentish Town and the Bull & Last in Hampstead. All these places serve great pub grub alongside the beer but if you’re looking for something more refined you can sip cocktails and browse books in the Society Club or enjoy a gourmet French feast in L’Escargot, where your dog will be welcomed by the owner’s bulldog and provided with a delicious meal of its own.

Pet-friendly hotels

If you want to do London in style, you and your dog can treat yourselves to a stay in the Hilton Hotel at Wembley, but there are many other attractive choices. For a bit of traditional English luxury, try the Tudor Lodge in Eastcote or the Bickley Manor Hotel in Bromley. There also are several Ibis, Travelodge and Sheraton hotels across the city where you pet will be welcome. It’s easy to find suitable accommodation near the airports and major train stations.

Your dog will love the chance to explore a new city and you’ll get much more out of your trip with some canine company.