The capital city of London is a concrete jungle of people, culture, arts and a myriad of food options that tantalise your taste buds. There are numerous reasons why the city is worth every visit but imagine, if you travel around London and fancy something that’s not what it’s known for primarily? Well, in a city as splendid and sprawling as London, there’s always a way to make your weird fantasies come to life.

And it’s no harm to delve deep into what the city can offer when you are done with all the iconic landmarks. Whirlwinds of crowds, skyscrapers, lights, events are all rife in London, but there’s much more than meets the eye. Get ready to see those bemused comments on your Instagram roll in as we present to you the offbeat London in all new light.

So what are you waiting for? London’s calling!

Head on over to the Sky Garden for some flower-festooned cocktails

Perch high into the London’s tallest public garden with landscaped greenery all over. Overlooking the Tower of London, this little Eden offers you a bird’s-eye view of the entire city with iconic landmarks on one side and the view of the shard on another. Book ahead as reservations fill fast and enjoy the best of London from the 38th floor while sipping your favourite cocktails adorned with flowers.

Sleep next to lions

Sitting in a park is way too common and why do that when you have a lot more to do in London like sleeping next to lions. Yes, you heard that right! Hire a lodge next to the zoo’s land of lions’ enclosure for a breathtaking experience. This is necessary too to ensure the city doesn’t smear all your energy.

Although there are numerous royal parks, the expansive Richmond Park is what we would suggest. It is the largest amongst all. You would feel like living the life of the “jungle book” but be cautious of the newborns as they are sensitive to disturbance. Carry enough food to keep your rumbling stomach in check and keep dogs on leashes!

Experience serene luxury

“Live life king size”- when in London, do as the saying goes! And what can be better than a London accommodation that will let you experience the old-world charm of ancient London and best hospitality, both at the same place. Head to The LaLiT London for the most unique accommodations in the city!  From cozy classrooms to the exquisite legacy suites, all the rooms are infused with luxury and are aesthetically rich in every sense. With comfort and relaxation guaranteed, you are bound to feel out of the world and have the best time of your life.

Travel back to the Victorian Era

You need some luck to attend the ragged school museum which runs an open house every month on ‘first-come-first-serve’ basis. Sessions run for as long as 45 minutes and are open to people of all ages. Get mesmerised with the Victorian style costumes and props. Kids will especially feel delighted.

Wander into the art

Soak up art at a brilliant gallery, wander for hours or captivate yourself in an enclosed pyramid like tower with impressive architecture. Well, you heard that right! The Tate tower lets you do all of this and that too for free. We suggest climbing to the top for the most breath-taking views while savouring a glass of wine.

Sip, eat and relax

There is no love sincerer than the love of food!

In the light of the above statement, an amazing culinary experience is all you require to feel over the moon. When it comes to the best food in town, The LaLiT London is no short of options. Head to Baluchi for an unprecedented dining experience or spend the evening sipping cocktails and drinks at The LaLiT London’s classic bar. Enjoy your high chai in The Gallery or visit the Naan’ery for artisanal breads baked in an unconventional style. Blending the Indian cooking with the culinary traditions from all over the world, The LaLiT London offers the most sumptuous dishes to satisfy your taste buds like none other.

Hence, your stay in London doesn’t have to be about falling into the tourist traps or traipsing to the same old landmarks. Fun is to explore the city with a twist and indulge in activities that take you out of the ordinary after all!