South London is no less cosmopolitan than North London. The area is vibrant and dynamic and the environment is fresh and green. It is the home of Wimbledon, where tennis stars and fans descend each year around July. As usual, there are a wide complement of pubs and restaurants, as well as malls and entertainment venues. Several museums such as Tate Modern and Victoria and Albert are located in South London. It has a plethora of fitness centres as well, offering different fitness classes for everyone, from the newbie to advanced athletes.


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Les Mills

Les Mills studios and its partner fitness clubs offer some best fitness classes in South London. The programmes are varied. You’ll never get bored when attending any of the classes at Les Mills, as they are all structured, choreographed and regularly updated with new exercise sets and music to keep up your motivation. Choose from Body Combat, Body Pump, various cardio workouts, flexibility and dance classes, and HIIT workouts, such as the Grit Series. Some of these fitness classes are available on demand, so you can exercise at your own convenience. 

Transition Zone

A new addition to the clubs at Parson’s Green is Transition Zone that introduces its new speed class called HiPer, which is short for high performance. In a HiPer class, you’ll be pushed to your limit, so you can quickly see the results. The gym equipment are different, as you can use grapplers, wall climbing ladders and battle ropes. You’ll get your blood pumping as you challenge your body with the exercise moves. There are also TRX training, Pilates and boxing, so you have many exercise options.


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One of the most popular gyms in East Dulwich, South London is ESPH. The gym offers barre, cycling, yoga and Pilates among other fitness classes. It’s very distinct from other gyms in London because it is run by physiotherapists. They are experts who have more than 30 years’ experience in rehabilitation and treatment of musculoskeletal problems, so the gym is beneficial to people with bone and muscle problems or those suffering from sports-related injury.

ESPH offers several yoga variations that are popular with women, body conditioning, Tai Chi, dance classes, cardio workouts and spinning. The gym also provides sports massage, nutrition services and rehab and physio treatments.


Jumping Fitness Britain

Jumping Fitness Britain, located at Paradise St., London offers Jumping Julia trampoline classes, as well as dance, strength training and Pilates. Jumping Julia uses Jumping® PROFI trampolines, which are specially developed for jumping classes. Exercisers go through aerobic exercises on the mini trampolines that are fitted with handlebars. Jumping Julia is meant to strengthen the mind and body, while you burn 3x more calories than when you go jogging.