London is an exciting place to spend the day, or even longer, but next time you find yourself in the capital, why not look beyond the usual landmarks? If you’re bored of Big Ben and over Oxford Street, then here are 10 unique activities you can enjoy in the big smoke.

  1. See a puppet show

In the charming neighbourhood of Little Venice you’ll find the unique Puppet Theatre Barge, a 50 seat theatre which features traditional marionette shows. They’re great fun for children, and adults will love exploring this vintage theatre.

  1. Enjoy some music hall

West End musicals are a London staple, but the real heart of the city is in its old-fashioned music hall traditions. Brick Lane Music Hall has pearly kings and queens, saucy jokes, and noisy sing-alongs, with a fish and chip supper included with some shows.

  1. Escape from a locked room

What would you do if you woke up in a locked room? At ClueQuest – The Live Escape Game, you and your group of friends solve puzzles in order to get the combination for the room’s lock. Can you beat the timer?

  1. Get fit

The city makes an excellent backdrop for a workout, and your time in London is no excuse to miss sessions. Book a fitness boot camp in London and you’ll find yourself working out in beautiful Royal Parks, with personal trainers on hand to make the days fun.

  1. See a movie – on the roof

Watching a movie in a cinema is just too dull for Londoners. During the warmer months, look out for screenings of classic movies from the Rooftop Film Club, which operates from several beautiful locations. Just make sure you dress for sudden changes in weather.

  1. See how your favourite drink is made

Major alcohol brands are out, and small, independent producers are in, so why not take a tour of one of the city’s ultra-cool distilleries? You can visit gin distilleries in London that make the drink the old-fashioned way, and many places offer a tasting session, or will teach you how to mix the perfect cocktail.

  1. Be a spy for the day

Every fancied yourself as the next James Bond? Undercover London organise events where you can try out your best covert skills to break codes, blend in, and try to defeat your rivals.

  1. See your favourite film or TV locations

London is the backdrop to endless TV shows and movies, from Sherlock to Harry Potter. Take an organised tour, or just do your own research online, and go and see where your heros hang out.

  1. Enjoy the art of taxidermy

If the Tate isn’t quite to your taste, visit the eclectic Get Stuffed in Islington. They specialise in the unique art of taxidermy, with dozens of exotic species that have been mounted and stuffed to preserve their beauty.

  1. Dine on the tube

Instead of sneaking a sandwich on the tube, you can dine in style at the The Underground Supper Club. Disused tube carriages have been turned into an elegant restaurant, where you can enjoy a tasting menu of French brasserie dishes.

London has plenty going on outside the usual tourist trail, so next time you’re in the capital make some time to do something totally unique and exciting.