The English breakfast is perhaps one of the best-loved meals in the world. And the prediction is that it will most probably never fall out of favour. There is still high demand for it, and that too, on a daily basis. So, the hype is for real—tried and tested. Thus whenever you’re wondering where to stay in London, it is always a good idea to select centrally located hotels, the likes of The LaLiT London, or the ones that are close to great breakfast places. Because trust me you, despite all the more fashionable and healthier (albeit boring) breakfast alternatives, we are still sticklers for the traditional English breakfast—eggs, bacon, fried, poached or scrambled eggs, fried or grilled tomatoes, friend mushrooms, and sausages.

Some of the reasons why English breakfast is so hyped, and rightly so, are:

  1. Ancient British tradition

It has a great history behind it. The idea of the English breakfast as a national dish goes right back to the thirteenth century. The recipes have been revised and cooked in houses and within families for centuries. Hence, the product of all that tradition evolution is what we enjoy today.

  1. Adapted with time

The original full English breakfast actually bore little resemblance to the modern-day fry-ups. Actually, it wasn’t until the Victorian working classes adopted bacon and eggs as a staple that the ingredients became more standardised and consistent.

  1. Various preparations

The English breakfast can be tweaked in many ways and is completely modifiable. From extravagant brunches in top restaurants in London to fat-laden fry-ups in greasy spoons—it can be presented in any way one wants and desires.

  1. Components

An English breakfast has many components. Quality meat is a key ingredient in the traditional full English breakfast, and it consists of the most fantastic varieties of sausages available. The pork should be minced finely, mixed with breadcrumbs, and must contain plenty of dried herbs for the best flavour. Then, there is also the bacon and eggs, no matter how one prefers them. When it comes to bacon, according to the English Breakfast Society, ‘back is best’. The bacon should be sliced properly, so that the rashers also comprise belly and loin. The eggs are usually either fried or poached—either works as long as they’re beautifully cooked. The black pudding is perhaps an unusual component that one can enjoy in an English breakfast.

  1. English tea

The English breakfast tea is simply black tea without added herbs or other ingredients. Black tea improves blood vessel functioning by nearly 50 per cent. It can also prevent or reverse some types of artery diseases and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. The tea’s concentration of flavonoids, plant compounds that behave as antioxidants, prevent the formation of plaque in artery walls. It also prevents or slow the growth of cancer cells and has dental health benefits as well. In fact, English breakfast tea can also prevent kidney stones.