With the rise of e-cigarettes, vaping is the next best thing. Cigarettes now becoming somewhat old-school with e-cigarettes taking the market, there are plenty of reasons why vape has gained popularity in the city. You can visit many a store and get information and product. Since both of them are supposed to provide somewhat of a relaxed feeling, the cigarette vs. vape debate in particular is a much discussed topic nowadays.

Whilst cigarettes and marijuana have been around for centuries, the concept of vaporizing them has only recently come around. This has allowed people to still consume nicotine and marijuana without the major health drawbacks. Check out this comparison piece if you’d like to learn more about the options when it comes to vaping marijuana and its derivatives. We know that smoking involves heating the substance to turn it into a vapour, releasing nicotine into your bloodstream resulting in vasoconstriction and the release of dopamine. Since the chemical is addictive, once the nicotine leaves the bloodstream you’re left with wanting more. While it only takes about six seconds for the charged compounds to reach your brain, the smoke mainly consists of particles that are carcinogenic. However, if you could possibly heat the compounds enough to not start a combustion reaction, you’ll likely get most of the desired effects with none of the cons. The same principle is used with heating a substance to release a vapour, which can be seen as much thicker than cigarette smoke – hop over here for examples of how a vape pen is pieced together and how you can buy it.

For people who think that even vaping comes with some amount of harm to the lungs, there are other smokeless alternatives too. Smokers looking to quit smoking completely may start off by vaping or by trying out other options like snus — tobacco that is sold loose or in portion pouches and is believed to come in different flavours that pack a spicy punch. While some people might prefer this to avoid inhaling any sort of smoke, vaping is also believed to be a relatively less harmful alternative to cigarettes.

A little hard to believe, however vaping is all about the active compounds being heated to a specific temperature. Another feature of vape that is appealing to others is its versatility. E-liquid vapes can be switched up with accordance to flavor and intensity, give it an edge over its ancient rival. With flavours like blueberry and strawberry mint making it to the shelves of the pubs here in London, everyone would rather have the younger, cooler cousin of the once considered social status symbol.

With that being said, one would think vape is potentially harmless as compared to cigarettes in general. Whilst this may hold true for the most part, by the end of the day it is a drug nonetheless and isn’t exactly guilt free. Still fun and exciting, youngsters all over the place have stormed the market-and the demand for vape continues to increase by popular demand.

Epuffer Cherry

One of the conventional flavours of e-liquids, this cherry version is amongst the most popular ones in the market. A step ahead of your everyday cherry flavour, Epuffer gives you the experience you need to forget all about your bad day. If you’re new to the game and want to try something out, this is probably your best bet. This vape gives a rich, classic and smooth vapour whilst giving impressionable vapour clouds.

Apollo Berry Blend

If you’re someone who generally likes fruity flavours and essences, Apollo will not disappoint. A wild blend of a diverse collection of berries, this vape proves to be a step ahead. In addition to this, Apollo’s wild mix is bound to be refreshing, leaving you to be quite content. A good choice for all the fruit lovers out there, but a little sweet for those who like things a little less intense.

V2 Platinum Grape

Summer in a bottle, anyone? V2’s Platinum grape gives you the taste of all the right things taking you back to summer. Like Apollo, this vape is immensely refreshing, whilst strangely being somewhat familiar. People, who are familiar with the juice, classify the vapes’ flavour of being oddly nostalgic. A notable feature of this vape is also that it comes in five different nicotine strengths, being easily convenient to all sorts of individuals.

Whilst JUUL was designed with smokers in mind, the category for the said e-liquid is another category. Whilst being huge in central London, this list of vapes is for anyone out there looking for their money’s worth.