You know you’ve joined the ranks of what would be referred to as serious digital nomads if you’ve figured out that serviced apartments are perhaps your best option by way of accommodation, but there are indeed some accommodation options which sometimes make for a little bit more of a practical choice. Nevertheless, for the most part a fully serviced apartment fits in best with the typical life of a digital nomad well and truly in it for the long haul.

Addressing the credit conundrum

Even the most established of digital nomads likely has a less than ideal credit record if they have any at all. So electing to lodge at a serviced apartment solves the credit conundrum of needing to have some kind of credit if you want to lease an apartment long term, for example. If there is a need for a deposit, it’s not anywhere near the deposit required for leasing an apartment or other type of property on a longer-term lease, i.e. it’ll be nowhere near the equivalent to effectively having to pay one month’s rent as your deposit.

What it does mean is that you have to have the money required to rent the unit upfront though, which is how digital nomads typically operate in any case.

Floating deposit

I’ve perhaps already touched on the deposit a bit, but it’s worth mentioning in isolation because this money which you get back in the event that nothing happens to the property during your stay can come in handy for other elements of your roaming lifestyle. For example, if you’re applying for a visa for your next destination, chances are the amount of money you have access to counts towards your eligibility in that regard. So what is in essence a floating deposit always comes in handy as some disposable cash you can show to have as part of your travelling fund.

Balanced-out costs

At face value a serviced apartment may appear to be considerably more expensive than something like staying in a hostel/backpackers, renting semi-furnished apartment or sometimes even staying in a guest house or guest lodge, but if you’re going to be travelling full-time it ultimately works out to be a lot more cost-effective. For one thing, you can focus solely on your work and not have to worry about working out the costs of hitting up a co-working space or anything of that sort. You won’t even have to worry about the extra costs of a cleaning service as this would come inclusive in the price.

The costs balance out in the end, but it does indeed depend on a number of unique details, like how long you’ll be staying.


Providers of serviced apartments are often very flexible on the terms they offer by way of price as a factor or time and features. You might not need a fully-furnished apartment for example, in which case you could arrange for a semi-furnished unit that inevitably costs a little less or you might be staying longer, in which case the rates become cheaper as well.