One thing that keeps a lot of people happy and motivated at work is the fact that they know they’ll be going on vacation soon. But, depending on how your budget is currently working, that goal may seem more or less feasible at any given point, especially if you want to go on something that counts as particularly luxurious.

However, if you plan ahead and do some resource-gathering, then you’ll be that much closer to your goal before you’ve even started! Some techniques for this resource-grab include getting a loan, selling some things, working to get passive income, getting information about traveling off-season, and planning as far in advance as possible.

Get a Loan

It’s not selfish to get a loan in order to go on vacation. You obviously want to make sure that it’s a number that you can pay back in a reasonable amount of time. But, if it’s a matter of getting a loan and being able to go somewhere, versus not getting a loan and being stuck in your hometown for an indefinite amount of time, then you might as well go for it!

Sell Some Things

Start a Craigslist account and sell some of your stuff. Seriously, if you have equipment or anything of value that you haven’t used in awhile, just get rid of it, get some money for it, and use that money to head out on vacation. You don’t want to be bogged down with extraneous junk anyway, so you might as well motivate yourself to sell it and reap the benefits of some extra cash flow this season.

Work To Get Some Passive Income

If your current job isn’t giving you enough extra income to work toward that vacation, then you’re going to want to look into getting some passive money flowing your way. This usually takes a little bit of a setup and some hard work initially, but eventually, you’ll be making money with things like subscriptions or advertising income, which will add up to be a good vacation fund!

Travel Off-Season

Another way to gather resources to help your vacation efforts out is to look up, in advance, any kind of off-season travel opportunities. You can save as much as 50%, and still get roughly the same experience on a vacation, by going when fewer tourists are going to be somewhere.

Plan In Advance

And finally, a big part of resource gathering effectively, efficiently, and cheaply is to plan in advance and work backwards from your desired date. You can look for sales on materials, travel, and accommodations. The better you are at sniffing out deals on an extended timeline, the more likely you’ll be able to go on your dream vacation without breaking the bank.