If you are planning for a UK holiday, here are some must-see destinations that you must not miss. This list comprises four of the best English cities to spend your vacations:

London. It is among the world’s busiest and most expensive cities. With an approximate population of over eight million, it is among the most visited tourist destinations around the world. The United Kingdom, which consists of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, is an island country in northwest Europe. England is home to the world’s oldest city, London, a UNESCO World Heritage site. London is also famous for its public holidays, namely, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, public holidays are usually scheduled throughout the year.

During Mondays, UK public holidays are usually conducted so that workers can go to church, study or do other religious activities. On the same day, people can enjoy a variety of sporting activities including horse racing, tennis and golf. The United Kingdom’s summer can also be a great time for shopping, as it offers the most sizzling summer seasons.

Tuesday, the United Kingdom’s national public holiday is celebrated in the mid-vernal year. The UK’s national mid-week public holiday is celebrated on Mondays. A raft of festivities are held on this mid-week holiday, with the most notable ones being St. Valentine’s Day and St. John’s Day. In addition to major public holidays, there are minor public holidays that are observed every two weeks. Most importantly, UK bank holidays are significant milestones in the life of a typical UK resident.

According to statistical data, the number of tourists visiting the United Kingdom has significantly dropped in recent years. This is primarily because of higher costs of airfare, and the diminishing popularity of certain UK holiday destinations such as London and Cardiff. However, a number of factors have been cited as behind this fall in numbers. These include a rise in the number of emigrants (people leaving their native countries to settle elsewhere) in response to an increase in job opportunities in Britain, and a decrease in the availability of cheaper housing.

A typical citizen of the UK is not eligible to get paid while on a holiday in another country. The government considers a person to be a British citizen if they reside permanently in that country. Citizens of other EU member states can only receive payment if they reside in the country for six months or more than that. Thus, citizens of the United Kingdom who wish to visit any of the EU member states, but are ineligible to get paid while doing so, are often left with the choice between bank holidays and taking an outbound call from their home country.

If you do not qualify to get paid while abroad on UK public holidays, then you are likely to be able to make use of one of the numerous holiday pay day loans currently available in the United Kingdom. These are provided by most of the UK financial lenders. Most of these lenders offer a one-week introductory period, during which you will be able to make your payment. You must then return to them to complete your transaction, often without being asked to provide proof of ID. The majority of UK public holidays are public holidays in the UK; however, some British nationals do choose to take their annual holidays abroad each year.

Citizens of the United Kingdom can take advantage of two types of non-statutory leave, which are usually paid for by the employer. These are usually referred to as “working leave” or “pension leave”. These types of leave will allow you sufficient time to plan your trip and to get back to work if you experience any problems. Many of the employers will extend their holiday packages to include paid leave entitlement as well. If your employer does not offer you paid leave entitlement, then you will have to look to other means to your UK holiday entitlement.