I had a good friend all the way from Romania come to visit me in London. He’d never been here and was pretty excited about seeing all the famous attractions and historic places that you can find right through the city. I decided to take a couple of days off work and be his official tour guide. Funnily enough, when you actually live in a place, you seem to turn a blind eye to all those attractions that hundreds of thousands of tourists come here to see. So this was going to be an excellent opportunity for me to reacquaint myself with my own town.

While the Thames River is no monument, it’s certainly a centrepiece of London. The banks on either side have architectural attractions and historic buildings. For example, The Shard is so named because it looks like a sliver of glass sticking up into the sky. Not far downriver from there, you can cross the Thames via Tower Bridge and see the ruins of the old castle which date back a few hundred years.

Places and landmarks like the National Gallery, Temple Church, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, And the Natural History Museum had my friend in awe and it seemed his mouth was always open as he ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ his way around London. One aspect he quietly loved was the number of British pubs that we were able to stop at and break our sightseeing with a cold beer or a pale ale.

During these pub stops, we were able to catch up on family gossip and I found out that his father worked as a solicitor in Bucharest and that he was likely to follow his father’s footsteps as it was a well-paid job in an old Eastern European country. I was still gallivanting around the world seeing this and seeing that and trying to invest some of my hard earned into stocks and shares that would provide me with a big enough dividend to be able to pursue this lifestyle. I explained to Alin that by using the experience of a company like IFCM CFD brokers who were very experienced in such affairs, I was able to earn a passive income just from some smart investments.

He, of course, was extremely interested in what I was doing because as wonderful as a job working for his father back in Romania would be, my lifestyle sounded a tad more exciting. That’s not to say he didn’t want to remain in his own country, but if the opportunity arose and he had sufficient funds he would indeed travel to many other countries if he could. I explained to him how the geWorko method that IFCM adopted was based on what he knew to be the Forex concept and how it provided a dynamic analysis of all financial markets.

It wasn’t all deep discussions about finances, money and investment, we did take the time out to talk about the fashionable young ladies that were coming in and out of the pub and the surprising amount of people that were simply touring London in what I deemed to be pretty cold weather. I was a little ashamed to say that I knew very little about Romania and its history whereas Alin seemed to know an embarrassingly lot about my town. Can anyone tell me why the history of London and the UK is far more widespread throughout the world than what would be a fascinating history of Eastern Europe? This wasn’t the first time I had come across this phenomenon and while it made me proud to think that my city is well known it also made me mentally decide that I would take a much larger interest in London from now on. In that way, when visitors came my way, friends of mine, then I could impress them with my intimate knowledge of the history and the location of everything of interest in this magnificent city.