People dream of having a life that is full of adventure. There is something so romantic about going to bed in a place where the ocean is right outside your front door and tropical fruit can be picked off of a nearby tree and enjoyed as quickly as you can cut  it with a knife or sink your teeth into the ripe and juicy flesh.

While many people enjoy the tropics, there are also enjoyable things about so many other places in the world. Whether it be the cobblestone pathways of Italy, the cute storefronts of France, or the exciting markets of Spain, every destination is special. However, if you have never been to Mexico, waking up in Cabo is special. Here’s why:

You Can Experience Waterfalls in the Desert

Of course, Cabo has its fair share of oceanfront property, but let’s not forget that it’s still Mexico and there is still plenty of desert to go around. Cabo is amazing because while you spend your days staring at and swimming in the never ending horizon of water, you can take a little hike through the wilderness and swim in a freshwater pool created by a waterfall that comes straight out of a mountain. Near to the waterfall is a hot spring, so pack your hiking gear and your swimsuit and spend the day exploring and soaking the worries of life away.

You Can Ride Camels Beachside

You would think that you would only be able to find camels in countries closer to the Middle East, but that isn’t the case. In Cabo, you can ride a camel on the beach. It doesn’t end there. The camels are actually part of a package called the Camel and Outback Safari. Included in the safari you get a camel ride, a nature walk, a gourmet meal, and a tequila tasting. That’s about as Mexico as you can get. At least the tequila part. Sounds like unique fun.

You Can Take A Glass Bottom Boat Ride

Cabo has so much marine life to see and take part of. While you can get in the water and swim with the sea creatures yourself, you might want to consider hiring out a glass bottom boat to take you specifically to Lovers Beach, Lands End, and Window to the Pacific. The water is so clear, you can see the marine life thriving beneath you all the way being on your way to the most romantic and beautiful destinations that Cabo has to offer.

Endless Outdoor Recreation is Close at Hand

If you love the sun and the ocean and exploring everything a landscape has to offer, waking up in Cabo will be like a dream to you. The land gives you unlimited recreational activities to cross off of your bucket list. Wake up today and spend the day in the water, tomorrow you can be exploring the markets in town and picking up the language, practicing your Spanish. It’s utter bliss.