The beautiful city of London is not just a tourist’s paradise, it also the most wonderful place in the world to live. The cosmopolitan city never left its old-world charm behind. This is the reason why it is still one of the hotbeds of arts and culture. Whenever I have time, I travel to the most iconic spaces in London, even if I have to travel for hours at a stretch. I never worry about getting bored on the way as I play on my phone. It keeps me entertained and helps me earn some extra cash as well.

Here are my picks for the best theatres in London. Make sure you enjoy a play in one of these during your stay.

Barbican Centre

Though there are many more performance venues in London that have a richer history and older architecture, the Barbican has always been my favorite. It has two theatres, three cinemas and a concert hall along with a library, two art galleries, a conservatory, shops and restaurants. Once you are here, you won’t leave till the day ends. The London Symphony Orchestra plays here. However, what I like the most is the brutalist architecture of this place. It is spellbinding and unique.

London Coliseum

Featuring the English National Opera and several other performers, including the English National Ballet, this place brings to you the old-school vibe of an English theatre. There is something mesmerizing about the red and gold interior of this place that takes your breath away. Everything, from the galleries to the stage, is a work of art and you have to see it to experience it.

Shakespeare’s Globe

This place is the reconstruction of the Elizabethan era playhouse where several of Shakespeare’s legendary plays were performed. This place is perfect for the grandiose setting of all of plays that he wrote- from The Tempest to Macbeth. My dream is to watch the Three Witches from Macbeth perform here with their sparkly cauldrons and spooky outfits. A London trip couldn’t get better without this.

Royal Opera House

Nothing can come close to the Royal Opera House when it comes to watching internationally acclaimed performers on the stage. It features the Royal Ballet, the Royal Opera and the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House. It is a majestic building that brings you the best of English performing arts.

I also like Young Vic, National Theatre and Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre. I am going to all of these places one by one for the love of theatre. Which one is on your list?