If you are a tech head and always like to stay ahead of the curve then you may have aspirations to have a techy home in the future. Ensuring you have a renovated modern apartment is very important; especially if you are looking to sell or buy in the near future.

Keys may well be a thing of the past when we enter our homes in the future; the way we cook, clean and relax at home may well allow us to have more free time which can then be spent with our families.

Keep reading to see how some interesting technologies can be integrated with your home.

Smart appliances and Alexa

One of the first things that come to our minds when we think of future homes is the digital voice assistants. Tools like Alexa and Google’s Assistant have become a common feature in many houses and apartments and the trend looks likely to continue.

Many large companies are looking to strengthen their position in this market and this competition may lead to new features.

We may see the increased technology integration in the hotel industry. Amazon has released a hotel-specific Alexa that we may see in holiday lets and serviced apartments in the near future. Any recordings on the device are deleted daily and the hotel will not be given access to the stored data.

The progression towards more natural user interfaces has led to greater ease of use which has changed the way we live day to day in our homes. Voice assistants will likely become more integrated with smart appliances in heating, televisions and those in the kitchen.

Ensuring your apartment is fully serviced with up to date appliances is important if you wish to take full advantage of the home voice assistant. Whether you are in an apartment or house smart appliances can greatly improve your home life.

Keeping Your Apartment Future Proof

If you are looking to keep your home up to date and be the envy of your neighbours there are certain factors you should bear in mind. Firstly having a strong internet connection will be increasingly important as the high tech devices used in modern homes will be connected via Wi-Fi.

Whilst you may view smart home technologies as a costly endeavour you may be surprised to learn they can save you money in the long-run. Better heating control and optimised energy usage with smart devices will help reduce your bills.

Accommodation of the Future

Whether you are on the hunt for your first home and want it to be perfect for the future technologies or looking to keep your current apartment up to date. You may struggle to see how very traditional homes can match with modern technologies.

The Victorian renovation at Beech House in Bristol is a great example of how traditional styling can be brought up to date with modern gadgets and fittings. Book your stay today to experience a modern yet elegant holiday experience.