An English breakfast tea or Early Grey can be enjoyed in almost any part of the world. However, nothing beats the experience of sitting in a London tea shop, discovering the fabulous taste of the leaf and playing Quickspin slots. It is like spending a little fortune on the finest tea experience in the world while you are earning a lot more online.

Here are my favorite tea shops in London that you must visit if you are a tea lover.

Twinings, the Strand

Twinings established this tea shop at the Strand in 1717 and it has situated there since then, housing the most popular English teas. You can taste the best Earl Grey in the world and teas with herbal infusions as well. This is not all, they have a small museum dedicated to the history of tea and its association with the Twinings family. If you have a tea lover back home, don’t forget to pick up gifts and souvenirs from here.

The English Tea Room, Brown’s Hotel

This isn’t exactly a small tea shop on the corner of the street but it still offers you the best teas in town. The place is Queen Victoria approved as she used to come here for her teas frequently. What Her Majesty enjoyed is available to the Brits and visitors alike. If you are health conscious, they have a TeaTox section as well. You get the classiest herb infused teas along with pastries and sandwiches that are healthy, low-cal and super delicious. It takes 90 minutes and three courses to enjoy the most prestigious blend of teas. They have about 14 different varieties to choose from.


If you are looking for a wonderful hipster-friendly place to enjoy a tea, then look no further than Tiosk. Coming here is like enjoying the best teas in the world inside a minimalistic coffee shop. The walls are painted white and have earthy tones for accents. This is not all, the tea ware is rustic and Instagram-worthy. One of the reasons why the tea ware appeals to you is because it is designed by Kana London and Takashi Endo. Tea boxes have beautiful illustrations too. If you come here, try their Ceylon Dimbula tea and take some home.

There is nothing better than enjoying a cup of delicious tea with sandwiches and cookies. I love the experience. It helps me feel relaxed and stress-free. You too can experience the same. Just visit these amazing tea shops.