The celebration of the Notting Hill Carnival takes places every year on the last weekend in August, which is more precisely on the last two days of the UK summer bank holiday weekend. This street festival is touted as the biggest in the world. It features family-friendly entertainment, amazing food such as fried plantain and jerk chicken, flamboyant dress, Calypso, salsa, and reggae music, exotic dancers and Caribbean steel bands that are steered by members of the British West Indian Community in the borough of Chelsea and Kensington in London.

This vivid spectacle representing the multicultural London is also a fashion celebration. If you are planning to shake your feather tail at the Notting Hill Carnival, you should firstly make sure that your fashion is as flamboyant as the masquerade floats. This can be something that’s casual enough and comfortable to wear while you are dancing and eating in Notting Hill Street. If you are looking for some inspiration, watch Betty Ball’s recent carnival outfit at Lucky Pants Bingo or you may even check out the costume of the girl on Cup Carnival Slot.

The roots of Notting Hill Carnival is certainly Caribbean Culture, however, it is now a melting pot of various cultures that come together as one to celebrate. Thus, it is the right time to play with your fashion sense and experiment with different styles ranging from African, Latin American, West Indian or any other style that you feel fits the carnival theme.

Men can go for the string vests that were originally worn by soldiers in the 30s along with American denim dungarees. Or they can go for a Cuban collared shirt as it is a summer holiday classic wear with an oversized short that is wide fitting and reaching just below the knee. Ladies on the other hand can choose to wear oversized African shirt called Dashiki. These cotton shirts are traditionally worn by men, however celebrity fashionistas like Beyoncé and Rihanna have converted them into trendy and short mini dress.  A Navajo style poncho is also a good choice for the festival.

There are also some stuffs that you should avoid wearing heading for this carnival. Flip flops, open toe sandals and white trainers are all the footwear that’s not proper for the celebration as you can have your feet trampled on and also it will be hard to remove the stains if you are wearing anything white. You should instead go for a trainer that you are comfortable to walk and dance in, and most importantly, a pair that you won’t mind throwing away when the carnival is over.

The secret to enjoy the Notting Hill Carnival is to be who you want to be, and have fun.