London is known for having a diverse range of eating establishments. It has something to satisfy everyone, regardless of their tastes and budgets. So, if you are planning to visit London, the best place to go to eat is Stonehenge. Located in the west end of the famous London city, Stonehenge is open each day from Wednesday to Sunday.

The London Guide says that there are five places to eat in Stonehenge. The restaurant, which is located at the north end of the park is called the Cider House. There is a bar called The Old Church, which is located between these two restaurants. The exact location of The Old Church can be found on a map located in the London guide. The restaurant that you can order your meals from inside this church is called the Barbaque.

Next is the restaurant called Ma. This is located just opposite of the Barbaque. This establishment serves French cuisine, as well as Spanish and Italian dishes. The cuisine served here is made from the finest ingredients. This restaurant was started by two talented South American chefs who wanted to start an authentic South American restaurant in London. Since its beginning, Ma has expanded to serve mainly European cuisine.

Another popular London restaurant is called OiOi. It is a restaurant that specializes in sushi, Chinese food, Japanese food, Indian food and Thai food. The OiOi chef brought this unique concept from Singapore and London to create their own unique cuisine. The restaurant offers a four-course dinner with unlimited drinks.

Just opposite from Ma is called Panda, which also serves Chinese, Japanese, and Indian food. This restaurant is located on carts and is very easy to navigate. If you want to check out Panda, then all you have to do is walk up and down the street. You will be able to see Panda from all angles because of the revolving glass doors on the outside of the restaurant.

Finally, at the top of the Southhall Street is a little restaurant called Delmonico’s. This restaurant offers Mediterranean and Italian food. There is also an Indian restaurant called Jack the Ripper, which also serves Indian food. Both of these restaurants are located along the street and are open to the public. If you love eating out, then you should try these two restaurants in order to find London’s hottest new restaurants.