There seems to be apps coming onto the market by the hundreds each week. So, it was only a matter of time before some smart programmer came up with an app that can be used for all things to do with catching your bus.

The new Stagecoach Bus App is a great innovation and has brought bus travel straight into 2017! Let me tell you why.

Everything is in the one place

  • Plan your journey with the new app
  • You can access live bus information in real-time
  • Purchase mobile bus tickets.

One of the more innovative features is that if a bus is held up in traffic, the app will let you know where the bus is and that means minimising the amount of time you’ll spend at the bus stop.

Ticket purchase is also very easy. You just buy a ticket using your card and show it to the driver when you board the bus. Being paperless you can’t lose the ticket and used bus tickets will no longer litter the streets. It remains stored on your mobile.

Local travel made even simpler

The app also has a very good system tied into your phone’s GPS. Set your location and this helps you find the right bus to get, where bus stops are, and what route to take. So many handy features on the app have been added to make your bus travel so much easier.

There is also a journey planner that will help you find the bus stop nearest you should you ever get lost. If you have a favourite route, or a bus that you take every day, then you can save these on the app, which makes purchasing tickets in the future even easier!

The app is available on Apple and Android smartphones and with all those great features it’s well worth the download if travelling by bus is your mode of transport.