Keeping your home and environment clean and sanitary is very important for a healthy living. It promotes good hygiene; thus, careful attention needs to be given when cleaning the house. A lot of people pay less attention to cleaning; I guess they’ve not yet experienced the benefits of living in a clean environment. One of the ways to achieve effective cleaning is by “going green“. Going green involves the use of nonchemical cleaning products to clean your home. These products are not harmful to the body, unlike chemical-based products. Our company NW Maids Cleaning Service can help you to green clean your home. It can prevent unnecessary chemicals from being released into the environment.

Chemical cleaning solutions are made with non-biodegradable and toxic substances that could have adverse effects on your kids, pets, and the people around you. When inhaled, chemical cleaning products could trigger allergies and even pollute the environment. Such harmful products can be replaced with green products. So how do you “green clean” your home? It’s quite easy. In this article, you learn how to do green cleaning in your home.

Before we get started, here’s a list of chemical cleaning products: Ammonia solution, citric acid, vinegar [acetic acid], powdered bleach [Calcium hypochlorite], liquid bleach [Sodium hypochlorite].

Examples of green cleaning products: Vinegar, salt, lemon juice, and baking soda.

  1. Borax disinfects, whitens, and deodorizes.
  2. Sodium carbonate [washing soda] is a stain remover, caustic cleaner, and laundry supplement.
  3. Sodium bicarbonate [baking soda] removes those strange smells.
  4. Castile soap is mostly used for its foaming property.
  5. White vinegar helps to disinfect and loosen dirt.
  6. Lemon juice disinfects and leaves a nice fresh scent. It is also good for cutting through grease.
  7. Olive oil is ideal for picking up dirt and polishing wood surfaces.


The sink is a popular destination for food remains and other stuff, and if you don’t take the time to clean this space, as well as properly disposing of any food that has been left over, there is an increased likelihood of different types of pests being attracted toward this area. When this happens, the only effective way to get rid of them is by contacting a professional Terminix company in your area as soon as possible. Once they are removed, the sooner you can proceed with the rest of your kitchen cleaning duties, which continues with unclogging often. You can prevent clogged drains with a strainer to prevent debris from building up. However, if debris has already been piling up in your drain, then home remedies might not be effective enough. In situations like these, you can consider contacting a professional from firms like AC Plumbing who can unclog the blocked drains quickly.


Baking soda and vinegar can be used as a toilet scrub.


You want to replace chemicals with natural cleaning products. Use borax to scrub the tub and tile.


Your windows can be cleaned with liquid detergents, which is cool. However, for a sparkling result, clean your windows by adding cup of vinegar to 2 cups of water. You can also use lemon juice added to water. And if you don’t have a cleaning solution, using a clean old cotton rag can help too.

If you feel like none of these tricks are working properly, then you could call for professional help. Especially, if it’s springtime, you know that your house requires some extra cleaning. Not just the closets or the house, but every nook and corner (particularly, windows and wall corners) require thorough cleaning and this could be achieved with the help of professional cleaners like NICK’S Window Cleaning ( and other similar cleaning firms.


  1. Baking soda gives your home a fresh smell

Baking soda reacts with acids like lemon and vinegar to remove those strange smells coming from your carpet. It is ideal in eliminating odour from your refrigerator. All that is needed is to sprinkle on a little baking soda on the surfaces/items that needs soaking up and then vacuum it immediately.

  1. Avoid poor indoor air quality

Stuffed air inside a house or office space can be more toxic when there is improper ventilation. Keeping your windows open as keeps toxins flowing out and allows fresh air in.

  1. Employ a green house cleaning service

If you don’t have the time to clean your home, don’t worry, there are green cleaning services at your disposal. Chances are you’ll get one in your area or simply visit YOUR BUSINESS NAME.