London is certainly one of the most mesmerising city to visit in the world. There is no shortage of landmarks in London, and they are all worth visiting. However, there is a great deal of unusual places that are not quite known, and these are equally as thrilling to discover. If you want to visit London from another hidden angle, you will most probably love these lesser known places.

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Chin Chin Labs

Head to Camden to visit the dessert bar of Chin Chin Lab, where you will get some amazingly majestic ice cream dishes. This location is the first ever liquid nitrogen ice cream bar launched in Europe. Liquid nitrogen is used to make the ice cream thicker, and it creates a smoother texture.  You can pick from a wide range of flavours at Chin Chin Lab. Many of the flavours changes each week, however the Red Velvet ice cream remains on the most popular dessert at the bar.

The Hardy Tree

Visit the churchyard of St Pancras Old Church to find this unique ash tree that is circled by numerous gravestones. Thomas Hardy, the great writer was once studying architecture in London under Mr. Blomfield, a renowned architect from Covent Garden. When the Midlands railway line was being constructed over part of the St Pancras Churchyard, the latter was assigned to supervise the exhumation of remains and to dismantle the tombs.  He assigned Hardy to do this removal task and it was around that time in 1865 that these headstones were placed around the ash tree. Over time, this tree has grown in between the headstones.

221lb Baker Street

The mystery of 221B Baker Street is a riddle that many people have been trying to sort in London. The cultural icon known as Sherlock Holmes and his intrepid sidekick Doctor John Watson are said to have lived at this address. According to the stories of Arthur Conan Doyle, they resided at this fictional address between the early 1880s to the early 1900s. During those years, the house numbers in Baker Street went up to 100 only, confirming that it was a fictional address. When Baker Street was renumbered, 221Bs was included. Today this address is where you can find the Sherlock Holmes Museum, a full replica of Holmes’ flat.

Black Museum

The Crime Museum of Scotland yard is commonly called the Black Museum. This place is where a macabre collection of criminal tales and evidences are kept since 1875. Here you can find weapon used by Jack the Ripper and the notorious Kray Twins. From an execution box used all around the country to firearms used by the most notorious gangsters, you can expect to find all sort of gruesome things here. There is also a large collection of poisons and pills used by doctors in the past, along with forged bank notes, scribed notes by investigators about Jack the Ripper, and many more.