If you’ve never had a chance to visit London, England you should make the time to do it at least once in your life. Like Salisbury Downs, home of Click Pharmacy, this is filled with so much history and it also happens to be such a beautiful place. In fact, so much so that most travelers to the city complain that there’s so much to do that they had a difficult time deciding which attractions to visit. So today I’m going to help you by sharing five of the most visited London attractions.

1 – The Big Ben Clock Tower

So, who hasn’t heard of the historic clock tower affectionately known as Big Ben? No visit to London is complete without visiting this historic monument. Although situated at 10 Downing St. You can see it from over a kilometer away. Outside of being one of London’s most well-known landmarks Big Ben other reasons for its significance include the fact that at over 15 stories tall, this monument is also part of the Houses of Parliament. From an engineering perspective, one of the most interesting things about the clock is that it has rarely stopped in its 157 years of existence.

2 – Buckingham Palace

Okay, so what tourist hasn’t heard of the legendary Buckingham Palace? Seriously, it’s so famous that it almost doesn’t need an intro. But here’s a summary of what makes it so unique. For starters, the palace has served as the residence of England’s royal family for over three hundred years. So any formal occasions or ceremonies involving England’s royalty will most likely take place at the Buckingham Palace.

3 – The River Thames

If you have a GPS on your phone, look up the River Thames. However, if you prefer to go a bit more old school, once you’re in London you can just grab a map of the city. At least this way you know that you’ll at least have one memento to help you remember the city. Only once you arrive on the banks of this fabled river will you be able to appreciate and take in its beauty. Upon arriving one of the first things that you’ll notice about it is how the road along the river bank is filled with quaint little shops that you can pop in and visit.

One more thing, just adjacent to the River Thames is the famed London Eye Ferris Wheel. So while you’re marveling at the overall ambiance, you can stop by and grab a ticket to ride the giant Ferris wheel that the locals refer to as the Millennium Wheel.

4 – Trafalgar Square

Another tourist attraction that helps to solidify one’s trip to London is a place known as Trafalgar Square. Unlike some of the other places on this like Trafalgar Square isn’t so much a single attraction, as much as a collection of them.

But what makes this place interesting is not just the fact that it is considered by many to be the heart of London but that the public square is home to the works of some of the most famous painters. If you’ve ever seen a picture of a London monument surrounded by four large bronze lion statues they are located at Trafalgar Square.

5 – Tate Modern

Are you someone who is more partial to modern art than the works of old? If this describes you, then on your visit to London there’s simply no way around it. You must visit museum called Tate Modern. You can find so many of the world’s great works of modern art there and given it’s proximity to St. Paul’s Cathedral, it’s so easy to get to the museum. In fact, you can get there by foot, bus, or taxi.

We only covered five, but there are many more attractions to see in London. And again, London is an amazing city that it is truly a tourist’s paradise. So, if love traveling but haven’t been to London yet, please do yourself a favor and book a ticket.