While the best-known approach to improving the appearance of one’s smile probably takes the form of dental orthopedics, a perfectly straight set of teeth may not be enough to create the ultimate smile. You can have the straightest teeth on the planet, but still have a very ‘gummy’ smile, which often tends to throw everything off-balance and nullify the intended effects of having your teeth straightened.

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Cosmetic gum contouring can go a long way to enhance your smile, with a number of other health and social benefits. Gum contouring is a simple cosmetic procedure, which corrects the appearance of patients’ gums through laser reduction. The cosmetic procedure’s recent popularity-spike is not as a result of its novelty, as this is in no way a brand new procedure. Gum contouring has been around for a while, but it was previously a rather expensive procedure limited only to celebrity and A-listers with big budgets. The famous scalpel was deployed as the corrective tool of choice, which is essentially why gum contouring had a reputation for inducing uncomfortable post-surgery recovery periods.

The emergence of laser technology in the cosmetic dental industry has made procedures such as gum contouring accessible to the average person however. The commonly-used diode lasers, in modern gum contouring procedures, account for vastly reduced gum bleeding, with their cauterization feature working side-by-side with the actual reduction (laser cutting) process. This means that patients have to worry less about the possibility of infection, while working their way to a much better smile with virtually no pain and vastly reduced costs.

Laser gum contouring is also a very quick procedure, with the entire gum-sculpting procedure quite easily fitting into just a solitary visit to the dentist. If you have not visited the cosmetic side of dentistry before, you may want to do your research first before settling on the first one you see. Whether you need a cosmetic dentist Colorado Springs service or a service based in Florida, do a local search and see what is about.

Gum Contouring Utah

With regards to the availability of cosmetic dental services in Utah, such as gum contouring, Salt Lake City offers a number of different options to choose from and this is as a result of the highly developed cosmetic dentistry market in this region. While choice is always great to have, it can become somewhat of a daunting task to settle on the right service provider to ensure the success of your gum contouring procedure. Fortunately though, there are some factors to consider in narrowing down the available gum contouring services. The aim is to settle on one which will yield the best results at the best price.

Gum Contouring Utah Services – what are the costs?

When considering gum contouring service options, in Salt Lake City and surrounding Utah areas, expect to spend anywhere between $299 to $3499. This vast gulf between the lowest and highest cost depends entirely upon the extent to which your gums need contouring. If for instance just a small area of your gum needs treatment, anywhere around $300 will suffice, but if additional procedures are required, such as dental veneers and crowns, the overall cost could be elevated to around the $3000 mark. Pricing is naturally an important factor to consider when selecting a gum contouring dental office, so the best way to analyze the costs involved would be weighing up those costs against what you’re getting.

Credible laser gum contouring service providers normally offer different packages, while those dental offices with more experience in gum contouring procedures tend to tailor the cost-estimate to each individual patient’s case. This is usually determined in just one consultation and will give you plenty of time to make the necessary financial arrangements.

While there are many benefits to gum contouring, including restored self-confidence, improved oral health, and a great smile, the success of your specific laser gum contouring session depends on what your specific needs are. Communicate clearly what you want your new smile to look like and you can definitely have the smile you’ve always wanted.