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Impressive sporting calendar for London this summer

There is a fantastic sporting summer already under way, and it is getting even better with many events coming to London. From the historic Wimbledon tennis major, to the Ride London events and then back to the non-stop football season, there is something for you to enjoy, or even participate in the capital over the next few months. Just sampling the atmosphere at some of these sporting events can be special, and it will provide you with the chance to enjoy memorable occasions with your friends and family. Continue reading

The Tour by App

Not long ago I was lucky enough to make a trip to London and get the chance to look around at all the beautiful historical sights, take in the banks of the Thames and enjoy a good old fashioned English pub meal. When I realised I would be going I sat down with my map and my laptop and started making plans to make sure I got to see everything I wanted. With just a few days up my sleeve, I knew I wouldn’t see everything but it wasn’t going to be for a lack of trying. Continue reading