London, UK’s Capital and a world-class destination, are an exhilarating 21st-century metropolis with amazing history dating back to Roman times. In its center sit the iconic Big Ben, the imposing Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey, home to the famed ‘Big Ben  clock. Across the Thames River, London’s Millennium Bridge is one of the most striking medieval structures in the world. And just across the river at London’s South Dock are the charming Royal Boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster, where you’ll find a wealth of retail shops, fine dining and top-rated bars and nightclubs. With London’s skyline ranging from the iconic London Eye to the wonderfully majestic skyscrapers of Trafalgar Square, it’s no surprise that the city is so intensely packed with activities.

London’s West End is another highly desirable area, lined with trendy pubs, plush shopping centers and excellent restaurants. As with all good things in life, however, there are some truly awful places in London. These horrible venues are known colloquially as “boiler rooms” and are almost always beneath the scrutiny of City Hall. The worst hotels in London are usually found in the vicinity of these less than desirable tourist destinations, so tourists and visitors should take care to avoid them.

If you’re looking for the perfect London vacation, a visit to St. Paul’s Cathedral, with its tall minarets and Gothic architecture, is probably at the top of your list. To make the most of your time in London, you should take in some of the other wonderful attractions in the city, including the Science Museum, Piccadilly Circus and the Victoria and Albert Museum. At night, London’s vibrant nightlife can be enjoyed at one of the city’s many pubs or clubs. Some of the more popular bars and pubs in London include Clunk South, Bar Des Plantation, and Vinyl. With its reputation as a party town, it’s no wonder that visitors return here time and again.

London is also home to some great historical sites. While you’re in the city, you should definitely see the British Museum and Westminster Abbey. Also recommended are trips to the Tower of London, a monument that has captured the imagination of millions over the centuries. For something a little less scary, you might also enjoy a trip to Shakespeare’s Globe theatre. Other architectural sites to investigate while in London include Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Leicester Square, and Westminster Abbey.

London has many parks and gardens in which to take visitors’ breath away. Hyde Park, for instance, provides a breath-taking experience of parkland. The park features a massive statue of a weeping Christ on a bench and is surrounded by lush, beautiful trees and plants. It is also home to a great deal of outdoor activities, including numerous concerts, boat trips, running tracks, and even tea boats. Other popular parks in London include Hyde Park Corner and Richmond Park. As you travel around the city, you will likely encounter one or more of these parks.

For many visitors, nothing says “class” more than a visit to the British Museum. Established in the late nineteenth century, it’s filled with amazing artifacts and exhibits that span human history. There are also many educational facilities within the Museum itself. As you wander around the grounds, be sure to take in some of the incredible artwork that captures the museum’s culture throughout the centuries. What a fantastic way to spend a day!