As a London property owner, you’ve already done the hard part. You’ve jumped through all the hoops, put down all the money, and completed all the paperwork. Now you have a place in the capital that you can proudly call your own.

However, once the initial giddiness of ownership has subsided somewhat, you’ll probably begin to think about adding new touches to your London home. When you do finally get down to redecorating, it’s important to let your personal tastes suffuse the surroundings. So many capital-based properties are essentially interchangeable in terms of their appearance and personality, adopting a modern, minimalist stance with muted colour schemes. You can break the mould and make your place feel both exclusive and homely by investing in a bespoke interior.

It’s surprisingly easy and affordable to personalise your property, and here are a few ideas on how to do it. 

A refreshing rural space

A rural lifestyle isn’t just reserved for those out in the sticks. You can give your London property an authentic countryside vibe by tearing away wallpaper and bringing out some of the natural brickwork. Fitting natural stone floor tiles, selecting well-worn wooden furnishings, adding copper appliances to the kitchen, and exposing building beams wherever possible can also give your pad a charming, rustic presence. 

Learn to love your staircase

A wonderful way to transform your property is by turning your staircase into the centrepiece and main attraction. Decorating the walls of your stairs with art can add magnetism, whilst installing iron handrails will help to make them appear sophisticated. Hanging attractive lighting fixtures above can also transform the space entirely, whilst wooden material for the stairs themselves often proves striking (far more so than carpet). 

Let there be light

Fitting large windows with smaller panes is a great way to invite huge pools of natural light inside your property, whilst installing made-to-measure window shutters allows you to control sun streams and adds a touch of class to the exterior of your property in the process. 

Utilise smart storage

One way to make your property feel orderly is to dedicate some time and effort to creating additional storage space. Towering, grand bookshelves with dividers are a classy inclusion, whilst sliding drawers beneath beds and cupboards with multiple cubbies will allow you to remove clutter and open up refreshing amounts of space inside your home. 

A delightful outdoor terrace

If you have any outdoor space whatsoever – no matter how tight or narrow – it’s worth taking the time to scrub and tidy this area until it’s sparkling. This way, you can set up a modest little corner for blissful barbeques and outdoor breakfasts when the sun is shining. Invest in some collapsible furniture so that tables and chairs can always comfortably fit, and replace any growing weeds with a variety of wall plants and bright-green hedging.

By taking these bespoke interior tips into account, you can transform your London property into something visually outstanding that still feels very “you.” Your home ought to be your pride and joy, and whilst these alterations may take time, you’ll be thankful that you made the effort when you see the final results.