Ok, so we could put a huge list together of cities that you must see before the end of days. Moscow, Montreal, Tokyo…somebody stop me now! So how do we even begin to limit the list down to just five? Let’s start by setting primary criteria. The criteria for this list is mostly dependent on language. Understanding and speaking the language eases the complications and deepens your experience in the city you are visiting. As a lazy English speaker capable of speaking no other languages, this list shall be based on that primary criteria, What are the five most awesome English-speaking cities in the World?


How can any list of English speaking cities not include London? As the launching point for a thousand ships set loose to create the vast British Empire, London has to be number one. From the iconic Big Ben and Westminster to the London Eye, you have a chance to delve into world history and see new icons of foreign travel. London is host to some of the greatest entertainment in the world, and the choices of food are as diverse as anywhere in the world.


Maybe the most beautiful city on the list, Sydney is known for its iconic waterfront and opera house. That is merely the first brushstroke of this gorgeous painting. Obviously, this city’s relationship with water is going to highlight the attractions here. Aquariums and a maritime museum point to the importance of water to this city. Then, step into the history of the country and its relationship to the British empire by visiting the Queen Victoria center. The Empire formed this city of immigrants and you can sample the cultures that have been melted together here.

New York

The city that never sleeps is a must on this list. Of all the things about this city, start with its most famous park. Central Park is the island of green in this sea of concrete. Then, Times Square anchors you to the insanity that is this city. Here you can grasp the volume of people who live and work in such small area. Sites such as One World Trade Center bring home the story of New York and its impact on the world. Movies, art, plays, food, cultures of millions of people unite to form this unique American city.

Los Angeles

Also uniquely American is the amazing city of Los Angeles. Recognized the world over for Hollywood, there is so much more to the depth of this city. The industry may define the worldview of this place, but don’t think that that definition is finite. From mountains to the ocean, this place is overwhelming in its opportunities for ways to appreciate it. Art, food, the variety of people, and recreation opportunities overwhelm and invite you deeper into this location. The vastness invites you to stay for a while; to settle in and be a part of this California city.


Some might disagree with this city having a spot on this list.  How could it be better than Chicago or New Orleans? Again, the world influence and the majesty of the backdrop that this city sits against is what moves it into the top five. Snow capped mountains loom in the background as you view the city from its distinctive waterfront. As unique a city as any on the list, it is not overwhelming and feels homey and smaller than it actually is. Loaded with charm, fantastic food, and amazing architecture and art, you can get lost in Vancouver.  

These five cities will give you a great list to argue over. Choose your own, visit, stay and enjoy, and knock your cities off your bucket list. Then, get brave and add more.