When you flip through your calendar, few upcoming events are going to look as attractive as the time you’ve marked off for your summer holiday. It’s a chance to get away for a week or so to relax and enjoy yourself – what could be better? Of course, planning a summer holiday can be a touch stressful, and your trip away can be ruined by any bad choices. One of the most important decisions is where you’re going to be staying.

Here are just three reasons why serviced apartments make sense for summer holidays.

  1. Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Hotels are fine, but they’re also a little impersonal. Worse still, they don’t provide much space. If you want to come back in the evening to play games or simply hang out together, a hotel room is going to feel a little on the small side. Not so with a serviced apartment. You’ll enjoy all the amenities of home, plus plenty of space to spread out and relax. Some serviced apartments even come with a selection of games, and most provide a TV and DVD player in case you want to relax in the evening by watching a family favourite.

  1. Keeps Costs Down

Unless you’ve just won the lottery, you’ll probably be keeping to a strict budget for your summer holiday. It can be tough to juggle costs, what with so many days to fill and attractions to visit, but most people fail to understand how serviced apartments can help reduce the financial burden. Firstly, you can usually save by booking an apartment big enough for a family instead of booking two or more separate hotel rooms. You’ll also find attractive deals for longer stays, and having a fully-fitted kitchen at your disposal can help save a bundle over getting out for every meal.

  1. Ideal Location

When you’re deciding on the location for your summer holiday, you’re probably thinking more in terms of countries and cities. However, equally important is where you end up within your chosen city. Most large hotels are on the outskirts, so you won’t be able to simply walk out your door and start enjoying the sights. In contrast, most serviced apartments are smack dab in the middle of town.